Wondering What Dan and Amy Cahill are?
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Dan is legend to be a Tomas Amy is Legend to be an Ekat...... BUT in book 7/the Vipers nest the are supposed to Madrigal?

Im not sure but the is what the LAST page of book 7 says......

He said Grace loved it," Nellie said. A reminder Guys," dan said. Grace wrote that his music was a reminder of somthing sad." Uh... I'm not following," Amy said. Amy you want to know what branch we belong to?" Dan said. Well it would be the same one as Mom and Dad right?" Yeah..." And they were M Amy! They were able to see this Chinese leader because they were M. And Grace couldnt look at this music because it made her thimk of them! Dans face grew red,his raspy voice rising. Did you read this cover sheet? Did you read this closely? do you want to know who we are? Look at the third line! He held the music up to her face:

Mon coeur se recommande a vouse

by Orlando di Lasso

A Madrigal, in four parts

Madrigal. Amy blinked, gathering her senses,ad closed Grace's book. Placing facedown on the table, she noticed a photo that had been lamenated onto the back cover. Arther and Hope,looking young and happy,with thier arms around a gaunt unsmiling man, From head to toe dressed in black.

WOW that took like 15 mins 2 write!!!!!!!!!!! wowzers! cya l8r ppls!

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